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Or Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
 On June 8th 2018., a wonderful and completely unusual litter has been whelped. It wouldn’t be so extraordinary that it hasn’t  unexpectedly became the fulfillment of a long-standing wish, for which we had to wait for more than 20 years.
People say that all big and really important things take time. All puzzles need to be set up, all previous experience has to be gathered and you have to know how to recognize something that will be important and really great. This is our great thing. The stars and the plans have come to an end – and now we know this is it.
Each litter is in its own way special, carefully planned. But I can not always include all the wishes that I have in order to make sure that all the dogs in the pedigree are exactly what you want, and that the father and mother are at the same time type-aligned. Along with this, you have to make a research about  the ancestors, not only for their appearance, but also about the progeny they have given, to take care of the health, the temperament and above it all – you have to travel through time. Through memories, pictures, pedigrees. You have to be able to separate legends from the truth, and sometimes it is still not enough to just have a vision, it is important to have some luck.
 Something old and something new
When we talk about something old, it is definitely Finn’s father Astor, born 23 years ago who again gave offspring thanks to his frozen sperm. It is always important to keep your old lines, to strengthen what is good, to preserve the roots.
 Jenny, the mother of puppies, was born with line breeding on our old dogs. Her father Dakari, who has an amazing show career just like Astor, is the grandson of our dog. When I look at him, I see his grandfather Notho, the dog we raised in 1997, at a time when Astor started winning big shows.
New thing is that we blended our line with the Swedish-Finnish line (lines that are very rare in this part of Europe). We’ve been trying several times something like this, but it never got a litter due to bad timing and long trips.
And so the circle closed. Something new and something old. Return to the roots in an almost incredible way.
Something borrowed and something blue
You might say that dogs are not of the same type, different colors, different construction, they haven’t been breeded in line. That is, and isn’t true in the same time, but it makes sense – they should complement one another and consolidate their  good sides. And in order to achieve this –  something borrowed is really important – old genes and genetics and looking back into the past.
As the Ridgeback changed considerably in the last two decades, in the type and in the construction, we borrowed – and hopefully  upgraded – all the qualities of their ancestors – good angles, firm back, beautiful front chest, with a long straight forward balanced stride and head with enough stop and length. We borrowed the knowledge and achievements of their breeders. I believe that this foundation, that puppies have,  creates an enormous chance that it will become our new dream litter. Only the sky is the limit. And the sky is bright and blue like dreams.
Another thing that makes us so happy and proud is the day (same day on which this puppies were born) when Tomislav and I were looking at old photographs, and the moment when we realized that we actually created Hommage for our first litter in our kennel, born 25 years ago.
Quarter of a decade. Time flies so fast.


We believe that Finn will give elegance, ease of movement, beautiful and long rib cage, and most of all that he will give them his Joie de vivre, joy and kindness that he shares to everyone.  Seeing the dog so safe and completely good-natured is so rare.
Jenny is medium heigh, but a very strong constructed and firm female, in complete harmony. I believe that her beautiful head and her full and accented full front will be passed on to her offspring because in her and in the Finn’s ancestors that quality is firmly represented. Both of them are mild and kind, with a strong character and no need for domination.
Both parents have exceptional temperaments and are gentle with family and children and very trustworthy in their character.

Father: J. CH. HR. Bawabu Gamba Galadima – Finn 

In Finn we found the qualities we were looking for Jenny – very well balanced dog, with elegance and soundness in movement. What makes us really happy is his calm nature, sweet personality and healthy and balanced construction.

He became Croatian young champion so quickly and with such ease that we expect many more successes.


Grandfather: C.I.B. NORD CH, SE CH, NO CH, DK CH, FI CH, VDH CH, GB CH, KBHW-98,  NORDW-99, KBHW-00 Aakemba King Astor Gi´Fumo CV – Astor

Of course, we must not forget Finn’s father, widely known Aakemba King Astor Gi’Fumo who had enormous success in the show rings and won many titles. Astor was one of the best show dogs in Sweden and first foreign Ridgeback to become British Champion. He was a dog that you couldn’t help loving. Astor was a true gentleman “right out to the tip of his paws” – says his owner Margareta Lantz. He produced high quality offsprings and lived a long and healthy life. He has marked one whole period in the history of the Ridgeback world. Finn’s mother Chanda has been inseminated with the last dose of Astor’s frozen semen.

We also have one old story from our life connected to him. In 2002 we watched the World Dog Show in Amsterdam and came back with lots of photos that we later looked at together. Lana, my daughter, took one of Astor’s photographs and glued it above her desk. When we asked her why she chose him, she said, did not you notice that the head was the same as that one the key rings? Now I can finally see the entire dog. That photo is gone for such a long time since than, as did Astor, but he sneaked into our lives again.


Grandmother: C.I.B. FI CH, SE CH, EE CH, EE JCH Bawabu Changuliwa Chaga

His mother Chanda is in perfect balance, both physically and mentally.  „Chanda has a very balanced and healthy conformation and she moves like a dream with a long streight forward balanced stride“, wrote Satu and she was completelly right. Chanda is a energetic and a happy bitch whom wants to take part in everything. She is also an outstanding show dog and an equally outstanding brood bitch.

Mother: J. CH. HR, CH. HR Jumoke Ayaba – Jenny 

jenny glava

She is always exhibiting an easy-going attitude, obedient behavior, friendly approach and constant tail wag. She knows exactly what she wants, and what she is asked to do. Everything on her body is harmoniously flawless.

Beautiful head, gorgeous expression, perfectly built body with excellent angulation and strong bones – everything on her is harmoniously flawless.

She was not present in many exhibitions, but in almost every appearance she has won and achieved many titles and the championships came with it in a blink of an eye. Jenny is pure gold. Not only because of her color but because of her heart as well.

Grandfather: C.I.B. VDH CH, DE CH, AT CH, WW-17 CH Wa Kishujaa Dakari – Goldi

Dakari has an impressive pedigree, with many great dogs behind him and all of these dogs we’ve had a chance to meet and get to know. We bred his grandfather Notho – who was especially close to our hearts.

He is stunning, mentally as well as physical. His body is perfectly shaped with excellent front and back angulation. Front chest is strong and full. He has dark eyes and strong head that corresponding to his body. The movement is smooth and powerful. Everyone who came into contact with him feels the same way – cool and confident gentleman, delicate and gentle in the same time.

Dakari likes to be shown and to this day I have even forgotten how many BOB, BOS, group placements and club winner he managed to win. His most important success is winning the World Dog Show in Leipzig from veteran class.

Grandmother: CH HR, ME, BG, MK, MD, INT CH Chukwuemeka (Gita) Ayaba

Chukwuemeka Gita Ayaba, Jenny’s mother come from our amazing C litter. Together with her brother CH HR, ME, RS, BG, MK, MD, AT, INT CH multi best in show winner Chivas Ayaba she conquered show rings all over Europe thanks to  perfect construction, self-confidence and beautiful expression.

Do you believe in love at first sight? We do.  We have fallen in love on first sight and Gita fell in love at first sniff. And yes – she is queen of the universe but loyal, attentive, and unreserved in her affection. Thanks to her cleverness, often manages to get a little more. She had a nice head expression, well defined stop and dark eyes. Everything on her was in perfect balance, and she movd like a dream.

Litter in which she was born – C- litter – was absolutely gorgeous, extraordinary dogs with perfect body structure and self confidence.



There were 12 puppies born, two in a honeylike color, like Jenny, Gita and Chande, others have a dark mask and somewhere a dark hair that becomes reddish. Two are without ridge, one has one crown. The other nine pups are correct.  No DS or kinked tails. (We lost two correct puppies during long-term birth.)


If you are interested in a puppy from this combination please contact us ayaba.kennel@gmail.com
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