19. 4. 1991. – 11. 4. 2003.

Mother: Thika (Tatum x Mteni Ilanga)

Father: Asali of Msasani (Zuva (ZA) x Kuwe (ZA)

Breeder: Božena Uraić

Shila Ayaba

Shilaa came to our home at the beginning of 1991. Her mother Thika was imported to Croatia from Rome with the aid of Mr. Tibor Lovrenčić (…who was a great help to us later on) by Mrs. Uraić, whose fault it is that we started to take interest in these beautiful dogs. Thika’s father was Asali of Msasani, a beautiful and strong dog, imported from Tanzania. Like most good things in life, this also happened by chance. As soon as we saw Shila’s mother we fell in love with this beautiful dog breed. We were fortunate enough to get a top-of-the-breed quality dog with unique genetic lines. I hope the fortune stayed with us so we did not spoil our bloodline. It is our most precious thing.

Still nowadays, with over a decade since she is gone, I still have this feeling that she sits next to me from time to time. And in each of her daughters or sons, I’m sure I can still see her warm look and her royal posture.

Dog Show Results

  • CH HR
  • multiple JBOB, BOB & BOS winner


  • complete scissor bite,
  • HD: A ED/OCD: free, full dentition
  • ZZP, no limit