Looking for Ridgeback puppies?

Why people fell in love with Rhodesian Ridgeback?

The Rhodesian ridgeback puppies and especialy an adult Rhodesian often attract attention with their beauty and physical strength. First you see the shiny short hair that shines in all shades, from light wheat to dark red and strong musculature, and only then the elevation of the hair on the back called ridge and is a characteristic of the breed after which it was named. The impression that an adult ridgeback leaves on people is unforgettable, but even more impressive is his special temperament.

The decision to purchase a Rhodesian ridgeback is often made impulsively. It is a breed in which a beautiful specimen attracts your attention so much that you cannot take your eyes off the dog and you fall in love at first sight.

The desire is often so strong that no difficulties seem unmountable: Does the dog have to live in the house with family members? – No problem… He needs a lot of movement? – We will run together! He doesn’t like to be alone and you can’t leave him to a stranger for safekeeping? – It’s easy, we’ll take him with us …

All the initial difficulties will be solved by a ridgeback lover just to have the opportunity to live with this beautiful creature with shiny hair and smart eyes. This breed is recognized by the joy of life, the desire to be liked.

However, physical appearance is an insufficient reason to purchase a ridgeback, it is a breed that needs dedication and devotion because this breed is so strongly attached to its new owner and human family that it is often jokingly said that you do not own a ridgeback, the ridgeback owns you.

What we look for in a new owner?

Every serious breeder, the future owner will have to convince one thing first – that he is quite sure that the dog will grow old with him. There may not always be opportunities to give him all the best at all times, but from the moment the puppy enters his new family, it must be his lifelong home, no matter what happens.

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We will help you pick the puppy that will suit your temperament and lifestyle so we can do everything we can so that you and your puppy have a nice life together.