About Ayaba Kennel

Ayaba Kennel is breeding Ridgebacks since 1991.

We strive for perfection, although we know we are not perfect, our goal is to breed the finest Ridgebacks there is.

It’s not a goal that is set low, quite the opposite.

We believe a dog is only as good as his breeder is. Therefore we care for our dogs even when they leave the safety of our kennel. We tend to stay in touch with the dogs new owners; we are there for them with advice.

Every Ayaba Kennel Ridgeback who left us, has gone into good hands, we make sure that is so. Trough careful planning at mating, through hard work in selecting the matching parents, we are closer to our goal every day.

We are located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a country just on the edge of Europe. But our dogs can be found on various continents.

If you desire a true Rhodesian Ridgeback, feel free to contact us.

If you are interested how to get to us take a look at the map on the same page.

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Ayaba Kennel

We are members of the following institutions:

Federation Cinologique Internationale

Hrvatski kinološki savez

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