Croatian 5th Club Show and 2nd Slovenian club Show

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I want write a few words about the recent Croatian and Slovenian club shows. Thank to all exhibitors, friends and RR fans for coming in such a large number, from so many countries. I hope you had good time and enjoyed a pleasant company. Also I would like to thank Jean Pierre Achtergael for judging and his presence. Thank you and hope to see you all next year.

Poreč, Croatia, 17th October 2009, Judge: Jean Pierre Achtergael

Club Champion 2009: Rachral Abayomi Hintza

Pictures by Ulrike Lichtenauer www.ka-ul-lis-ridges.com from Croatian club show can be found here.

Link1, link 2, link 3

Some pictures from Croatia exhibition by Igor Selimovic can be found here.

Results you can see here.

Koper, Slovenia, 18th October 2009, Judge: Igor Selimović

Club Champion 2009: Bakira Ayaba

Photos by Ulrike Lichtenauer www.ka-ul-lis-ridges.com from Slovenian exhibition is here: Link1, link2.